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Online Payment Solutions Through Blockchain


Logistic Pro Trade’s platform is built from the ground up around digital assets to ensure the fastest and easiest experience for our users


Get access to our world-class team of support members to help you with any inquiries you might have.


Always have access to our large collection to satisfy all your large trades


We are fully open, auditable and compliant with all KYC/AML processes

Low Fees

Get access to the lowest fees without compromising your safety or security 


Access the world of cryptocurrency with ease of mind. our digital market is fully secured with advanced firewalls, the latest in DDoS shielding technology and much more


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Enter the World of Digital Assets

Buy, Sell and Hold Digital currencies with ease of mind. enter the future of digital currencies the right way, with our world-class marketplace. traverse the new financial world conveniently today.

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Once your account is created, all you need to do is follow our easy-to-understand instructions to get verified and add funding.

3. Trade

Browse our wide collection of currencies and start your new modernized trading experience

Trade on our registered FINTRAC guidelines platform

Gain the financial freedom you always wanted with our cutting-edge trading platform. Buy, sell and exchange with trust, ease, and transparency.

Register an account with our platform today and start trading your way to financial independence!

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